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Managing Speed And Reducing Speed-Related Crashes

Managing Speed And Reducing Speed-Related Crashes

Why is work zone safety everyone's business? Because everyone is at risk. The goal of the Maryland SafeZones program is to reduce the speed of vehicles in advance of and through work zones to prevent crashes and injuries and save lives. In four out of five work zone crashes, motorists and passengers, not highway workers, are injured or killed. Work zones present challenging driving conditions with little margin for driver error and space constrictions often limit traditional law enforcement. Please partner with us in building safer Maryland roads — drive safely and obey the posted speed limit in construction work zones. Click here for more information.​​

Customer Service FAQs

  • Are you unable renew your vehicle registration at the MVA due to a flag for non-payment of a Maryland SafeZones citation?
  • Have you received notice from the Maryland Central Collection Unit (CCU) that your citation was referred to them for collections?
  • View the Customer Service Frequently Asked Questions for instruction on how to address these and other situations.