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Motorists have an important role to play in reducing work zone-related crashes and
saving lives.

Remember that taking your eyes off the road for just a second can have disastrous results. Traveling at 65 mph, you will travel nearly 100 feet in just one second! Please stay alert and follow the posted speed limit.

WATCH YOUR SPEED - Work zones may have reduced speed limits. Obeying the posted speed limit is crucial to your safety and the safety of construction workers.

Workzone picSTAY ALERT - Pay attention and focus. Answering a phone, changing a CD or radio station, or even talking to another passenger can be a deadly distraction, particularly in roadway work zones. Remember, texting while driving is illegal in Maryland.

PLAN AHEAD - Plan alternate routes. Find out about lane closures in advance by visiting the "CHART" website.

THINK ORANGE - Orange is the standard color for construction activity. If you see orange cones, barrels and signs when driving, be prepared for possible construction activity, dust, lane shifts, uneven or unmarked pavement or even stopped vehicles ahead of you.



  • Nationally, four(4) out of every five(5) work zone fatalities involve vehicle drivers and passengers.
  • Major contributing factors to work zone crashes are not paying attention, going too fast for conditions, failure to yield the right-of-way and following too close.

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